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Site Rules

Bluewater Multi Function Site – Licencee / Users / Members Agreement

All lease holders / tenants / users of the Bluewater Multi Function Site, whether on the site lawfully or not, will be bound by these rules and arrangements in addition to any state or national laws. All such users recognise the importance and logic of having an efficient and equitable set of rules which allow for orderly, safe and efficient use of the site for everyone.

All users recognise the need for the Board of Bluewater MFS to be the final decision maker, especially given the legal requirement for the Board to act in the interests of all unit holders and users of the site. The Board has ultimate access to all information to best act in the short, medium and long term interests of all stakeholders in the site. A particular decision may not seem to make sense if viewed from the perspective of a vested-interest viewpoint, or from a short-term horizon agenda. For this reason, the Board will always be given the final say in any decision as to interpretation or sanction.
As such, all users agree to abide by the rules in force and promulgated by the Bluewater MFS Board in consultation with the Bluewater MFS members’ committee.

All users accept that a determination by the Board shall be a final determination subject to appeal only on the grounds provided by the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act (Cth) 1977.

Disputes or complaints shall be initiated in writing to the Board in the first instance and the complaints procedures in force as promulgated from time to time by the Board in consultation with the member’s committee shall be fully adhered to in good faith.

All persons accept that actions by members or ex-members or their representatives which do not comply in substance with the MFS complaints resolution process will be invalid and any expenses suffered by any person arising from such action will be the liability of the member or ex-member or their representative.