Domestic Aircraft Information Sheet and Payment (Effective from 1 January 2013)

  • Bluewater Park Airport is a privately owned commercial airport and prior permission to land is required. All aircraft must have a minimum of $5 million indemnity insurance cover and a current and valid Certificate of Insurance must be presented prior to conducting operations or attending on site.  Current membership of Townsville Flyers Inc. must also be pre-confirmed.
  • Please make contact with Janet Lodge prior to arrival to arrange parking location (Tel 0413 003 028) and refer to our site rules / ERSA.
  • Note daily ad-hoc access is not possible.  We do not allow use of our facilities for one or two days by aircraft transiting through the area, except by prior arrangement.
  • In any event, a minimum charge of $22 per day per ton (or part thereof) for open parking, and $44 per day (or part thereof) for use of infrastructure such as hanger or accommodation facilities (shower, power, kitchen) can be expected.  A minimum of three days applies.

Schedule of Charges/Membership (Effective from 1 January 2013-for aircraft below 1600kg MTOW)

Charge TypeFeeInclusions
Aircraft Parking – Open Area
(Annual Membership)
$2800 per annum (incl GST)- Fulltime parking on allocated areas. Minor non-permanent structures able to be erected at a small extra charge.
Aircraft Parking – Open Area
(Casual Membership)
$550 per annum (incl GST)- Maximum 10 visits per year (2 nights per visit-$22 per ton per day extra night.)
- Camping available at no extra charge
- No limits on circuits/landings during periods of stay.